Robert Duncan

The results of a sporting youth can sometimes be injuries which come back to haunt you as you get older. I started having knee problems as a teenager but in spite of having my knee cap removed, I managed to carry on playing most of the sports I wanted to into my late thirties/early forties. Now in my sixties, my only sporting activity is golf but even after several arthroscopies I had reached the stage where it was too painful and had to stop.

At this point I saw Mr. Divya Prakash who suggested that I might consider an autogolous chondrocyte implantation which would involve cartilage cells being taken from the knee, multiplied and then implanted back into the knee. Although it would be quite a long rehabilitation period it should prevent further deterioration and could well improve the situation.

Nine months later, I was back on the golf course and now, after a year, I am able to play as much as I want and the improvement is continuing. Definitely a success.