Paul Brighton

As a not particularly sporty person I managed to get myself an injury normally associated with sportsmen and body builders. I am an I.T. specialist and, from time to time, have to handle heavy computer equipment. One day while manoeuvring a very heavy piece of kit from the back of my car I felt an intense pain in my right arm accompanied by a loud snapping noise! I lost most of the strength in my arm and strange lumps and bruises started to appear.

After a couple of visits to A&E I was referred to the Fracture Clinic where I met Divya Prakash who quickly diagnosed that I had a suspected detachment of my distal bicep tendon which would probably require surgery to correct. This came as a bit of a shock, I was very apprehensive about the thought of having an operation under general anaesthetic and also feared that the holiday I’d booked for my family in two weeks’ time would have to be cancelled.

I need not have worried. Mr Prakash arranged for me to have an ultrasound that day which confirmed that I had suffered a complete detachment of my bicep tendon. He then arranged for me to have surgery the very next morning. I saw Mr Prakash again on the evening before my operation where he outlined the procedure clearly, told me exactly what would happen before and after the operation and put my mind at rest about my fears regarding the general anaesthetic and ‘going under the knife’.

The morning of the operation could not have gone any smoother. I was only in hospital for a few hours and despite me knowing that this was a complex procedure for the surgeon, Mr Prakash’s professional and sympathetic manner left me feeling totally reassured and that I was in safe hands.

I managed to get my holiday after all, and two months on I have full movement in my arm, I’m totally pain free and regaining strength. The scar is neat and tidy and I’m well on target for a full recovery.

Divya Prakash may well be a leading knee and hip specialist but I can tell you from personal experience, he does a pretty excellent job with arms too!

Thanks very much