Mrs Jo Pope


Testimonial from a happy 50 year old with new knees.

My story will be a familiar one to anyone who has developed arthritis in one or both knees. I gradually became unable to walk more than a few miles, and I certainly didn’t want to run! Jumping down from a low height was definitely something to be avoided. I found that my walking distance reduced to the point where even walking around the supermarket became an issue. The deterioration is gradual and, like most people, I made changes in my life to compensate.

I saw another consultant who, as you would expect, advised me to lose weight, but told me I was far too young to think about a joint replacement. I was even told not to think about it “until I was in a wheelchair”. So I struggled on, but life became very hard. I became very overweight due to lack of exercise and terribly depressed. Finally, when I could not walk 50 meters, decided to find someone who would do something for me.